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Just Another Sheep - Trade Paperback

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JUST ANOTHER SHEEP Trade Paperback. Collects all five issues of the much loved Action Lab miniseries.

"One of the top mini-series from this year and last. If you're looking for something new and interesting, this is it." - Dustin Cabeal COMIC BASTARDS

"This series has avoided the easy plot points, giving the readers a wild ride, literally and figuratively" - TMStash

"One of those books that crosses your path and you immediately know is going to be taught in a classroom someday." - Mark Espinosa NEVER ENDING RADICAL DUDES

During the summer of 1969, a timid teen named Banning sets off on a road trip to find out just how he got his bizarre super human abilities. Banning’s strange trip is filled with war protests, secret organizations, hippies, car chases, budding romance, and a lot of poor choices! Sixties sci-fi adventure awaits!

Writer: Mat Heagerty
Line Art: JD Faith
Colors: Jon Cairns, John Paul Little, Marissa Louise
Letters: Ed Brisson, Colin Bell


Age Rating:15+
Page Count: 126
Print Release Date: April 6th 2016

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